Newport Beach

Ok guys, this is just a very short post with some sample images I just recently shot in Newport Beach Southern Clifornia. The Lensbaby Edge 50 optics together with the Composer Pro II has been the latest addition the my Fuji X-series lens lineup. I every wanted to own one of those lenses to add a certain mysterious effect to my photographs. Then after Lensbaby announced a massive sale on this baby, I could not resist any longer. I will do a more detailed review on this lens in an upcoming post, but as it was very hard for me to find sample images taken with this lens and any kind of Fuji X-Series camera I thought I share them really fresh for everyone who is interested in this lens as well.  

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Analog Portrait Workshop with Jesse Struyvelt

Supported and organized by MeinFilmLab Germany

Choosing a workshop is not easy. Many photographers and self acclaimed photo experts offer workshops these days and I suggest that most of these workshops are either ineffective, boring or aim at beginners. The most important aspect to look at when choosing a workshop is obviously the photographer who is conducting the workshop. This does not necesseraily mean it should be one of the big names, but it should be a person that has something valueable to tell. I don´t attend workshops often, but when I learned about the workshop conducted by Jesse Struyvelt happening during the Summer Festival of the MeinFilmLab, I was immediately hooked. No doubt I wanted to join.

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RNI All Films 4 - Pro Presets

A Review by Sebastian Schlueter


What is it about film, that makes our heart sing? Why do people still shoot film, when digital is so convenient to use? There must be something that goes beyond detail, sharpness, precise color reproduction and this probably the "soul" of photography!

Beautiful grain, stunning tonality, bright and vivid colors, beautiful skin tones and subdued elegant shades of gray, all these attributes belong to certain type of film and wait to be explored, not only by the nostalgic enthusiast who is still drawn to the real medium, but also by the interested digital shooter, who is looking for a way to introduce the magic of film into the digital workflow.

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