Artist Interview - Thomas Leuthard

“Street Photographer“ Thomas Leuthard from Switzerland

Thomas is a passionate „Street Photographer“ from Switzerland who has gained quite some popularity in the „Street Photography“ community. You can find more of his work here on flickr. He beliefs in giving back to the community and this is why he has published several ebooks, which are available for free on his website. Now, without further ado, lets get things started.

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Sandy Phimester is one of the photographers I really admire. His dedication to the medium of film and his portrait work really resonate with me. That´s why I asked him for a short interview. He runs a small photography business that still allows him time for personal projects. The vast majority of his work is personal. He talks about his creative voice and photography as a creative outlet for himself.

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Artist Interview - Jan Scholz

Interview with Portrait Photographer Jan Scholz

This interview has first been published at the Critique Portfolio Pro flickr group in 2013. I thought you might be interested to read this interview again, here on my new blog.

I was able to interview Jan Scholz, a portrait photographer based in Brussels. Jan exclusively uses analog film cameras. But this is only one secret ingredient to his very emotional and powerful portraits.

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