Artist Statement

Sebastian Schlüter is a passionate photographer who mainly uses film for his creative work. He is based close to the city of Stuttgart in Southern Germany, but his big affection for travel takes him to many places around the globe. After using digital photography in the beginning of his career he soon fell in love with the medium of film. Today he concentrates on low light and night photography in an mostly urban environment. In order to find the best light and mood for his black and white or color photographs he often gets up very early and roams the street before everybody else is awake.

His work is often organized in series and he tries to document subjects that both interest and enchant the viewer. There are several photographers he admires and who he calls influential to his work. Among these are names like Todd Hido and Saul Leiter.

On his website you will find both personal work grouped in projects and travel stories as well as tutorials and helpful articles on film photography, scanning and documentary photography.